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Life is Beautiful.

In our modern internet based lives however, you can sometimes wonder how you were skedaddling through your to-do list and eek! its Christmas!
Like clockwork our lives and its activities follow the seasons and we do get caught up in jobs to pay for these activities.
Life then becomes a carousel where we go from Wake Up, Eat, Work, Pay Bills, Socialise and Sleep…and Repeat.
Serafina Salvador - The Soul Cobbler

What is right for you?

There are so many schools of thought and spiritual teachings out there, so how do you choose what is right for you?

Isn’t everything ultimately about LOVE? Damn straight it is!

1. But how do keep that love feeling going and stay in your peace when you are part of a technocratic society?

2. How do you lead yourself to and stay in prolonged peace? Is prolonged peace in our world even sustainable?

If any of these questions sound like they have been on your mind or sound like they could be relevant to your life,

Welcome to our humble abode where we spend our days and nights nursing these wonderful soul guides!

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5 Acts to Create Soulful Tracks

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About the creator

Serafina Salvador is a millennial who has found her own compassionate, courageous human connection. The Soul Cobbler is her creative expression of all that she has learnt and her desire to connect with many such like-minded people.

Early life and spiritual background

She grew up studying in a catholic school and later in the Vedic tradition of India. She can read and write Sanksrit. Her love for philosophy and her family’s interest in Vedanta ripened her mind to spiritual studies.

Her further studies at the London School of Economics and a career in fixed income markets brought her to London, where she now lives and works. A career spanning 10 years has given her plenty of life experience in America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Serafina Salvador - The Soul Cobbler
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